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C. Niec, Paramount Staffing:

"I rate the service and work with Clement over the years five stars. What I've liked is the assistance they provide in refining an idea I may have for a safety product and how their development team makes it even better. The service is always timely and I'm provided updates as to the status of completion along with details of the shipping so I can alert our locations about their product arrival. There hasn't been a time where I've been disappointed working with the team from Clement Communications."


Angelica Lujan, BMW/WWL:

 "Five stars! I really needed a product and had a deadline. Clement went above and beyond to make sure that I got my order on time. There was an error on our end but they were able to meet my deadline anyway without any trouble. Thank you!"

The Secret of Successful Executives and Equally Successful Supervisors

It's no secret that front line supervisors play a key role in maintaining a productive, trouble-free workplace. And, one false move from a supervisor can bring on lawsuits, reduce productivity, or send morale spiraling downward.

Proper training is key to avoiding problems. But what top executive has time to teach managers and supervisors the ins and outs and fine nuances of their job?

An affordable subscription to Smart Supervision™ takes the pressure off by providing information, training, and coaching for managers and supervisors on all aspects of their job from time management and presentations to interviewing and training to safety and employment law. 

Arriving every month, Smart Supervision provides ongoing education and motivation. And the short, succinct articles ensure retention of important information without taking up a lot of your supervisors' valuable time. In fact, many supervisors prefer this style of learning to seminars because it is ongoing, but takes little of their time.

Every month, you and your managers will get important information on topics like:

  • Smart methods of fostering teamwork
  • Smart techniques to rehabilitate problem employees
  • Smart ways to hire the best
  • Smart coaching techniques
  • Smart approach to discipline
  • Smart communication skills and habits
  • Smart ways to improve quality and productivity
  • Smart and meaningful motivation

        ... and many more!

Plus, because managers and supervisors wear a variety of hats, Smart Supervision covers:

  • Time management
  • Strategic planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Decision-making
  • Budgeting
  • Stress management
  • Negotiating
  • Cost reduction

A surprising side effect of Smart Supervision
An unexpected side effect of Smart Supervision is improved morale among those who receive it! Just receiving the publication makes supervisors feel valued, and that their effort makes a difference.

Product info:

  • Product code: BWS
  • Pages per issue: 8
  • Quantity: 12 issues
  • Shipping frequency: Monthly
  • Available in electronic (PDF) or print format