The Five Touch Awareness Program increases safety awareness, educates employees at all levels about these important issues, and promotes and reinforces positive behavior. The Five Touch program allows you to create inescapable messaging where all components are wrapped around one single safety issue each month of your choosing. You "touch" your employees five times to create an integrated theme. All five components use the same graphics and message so your safety training is truly "inescapable."

Keep the safety issue top of mind for employees by displaying 17" x 22" posters in attractive snap-open frames. These high impact posters help to reinforce the safety meeting topic and promote safe behavior all month long.
Give your supervisors the tool they need to prepare and conduct effective safety meetings. Each meeting script is quick, informative and designed to help supervisors motivate their employees to "Think Safety First".
Safety Pocket Guides create awareness by giving your employees a pocket-sized safety guide that outlines proper behavior necessary to work safely. They are ideal for use in safety meetings and help reinforce your training all month long. Make sure your safety message is getting through to your employees with our Quiz Cards, provided with each Pocket Guide, that serve as documentation for your safety meetings should OSHA come knocking.
Reinforce your message throughout your facility with these table top tent cards designed to place on tables in lunch rooms, break rooms or anywhere employees congregate.