The Construction Foreman's Guide To OSHA Regulations™


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C. Niec, Paramount Staffing:

"I rate the service and work with Clement over the years five stars. What I've liked is the assistance they provide in refining an idea I may have for a safety product and how their development team makes it even better. The service is always timely and I'm provided updates as to the status of completion along with details of the shipping so I can alert our locations about their product arrival. There hasn't been a time where I've been disappointed working with the team from Clement Communications."


Angelica Lujan, BMW/WWL:

 "Five stars! I really needed a product and had a deadline. Clement went above and beyond to make sure that I got my order on time. There was an error on our end but they were able to meet my deadline anyway without any trouble. Thank you!"

OSHA-Proof Your Construction Job Sites!

Protect your employees from accidents and injuries.  Protect your company from costly penalties.  Put your mind at ease in the knowledge you're doing everything required.

The Construction Foreman's Guide To OSHA Regulations is a biweekly, six-page publication that will help your job-site foremen understand the more than 500 OSHA regulations covering your business. 

From the most commonly cited standards to the lesser known requirements that still cause contractors big trouble, this new management tool gives you everything you need to evaluate how things are done at your job site and make the adjustments necessary to bring you into full compliance. 

No More Guesswork!

In every issue your foreman will gain practical knowledge like this:

  • The first 8 things an OSHA inspector will look for on a job site
  • How OSHA uses the General Duty Clause
  • The ins and outs of scaffolding requirements - the number one cause of contractor fines
  • How to avoid confined space violations
  • When to protect workers from over exposure to the sun
  • Three quick tips to remember about scissor lifts
  • How to build an OSHA-Proof safety program
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Get Everyone on the Same Page With Job Site Safety Talks!

FREE with every issue of the Construction Foreman's Guide To OSHA Regulations


Here's everything your foremen need to conduct a meaningful safety meeting on a regular basis - with just a few moments preparation. Each issue's Job Site Safety Talk features an easy-to-follow discussion outline and employee handout on an especially important construction safety topic. Convenient attendance sheets are also included to provide a record of these meetings.

 You will be billed annually for 26 issues. 

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Product info:

  • Product code: FGO
  • Pages per issue: 6
  • Quantity: 26 issues
  • Shipping frequency: Bi-weekly
  • Available in electronic (PDF) or print format