Protect Your Back


C. Niec, Paramount Staffing:

"I rate the service and work with Clement over the years five stars. What I've liked is the assistance they provide in refining an idea I may have for a safety product and how their development team makes it even better. The service is always timely and I'm provided updates as to the status of completion along with details of the shipping so I can alert our locations about their product arrival. There hasn't been a time where I've been disappointed working with the team from Clement Communications."


Angelica Lujan, BMW/WWL:

 "Five stars! I really needed a product and had a deadline. Clement went above and beyond to make sure that I got my order on time. There was an error on our end but they were able to meet my deadline anyway without any trouble. Thank you!"

Protect Your Back

Don't Twist at the Waist When Lifting Banner

When lifting and moving a load, keep the following things in mind:

  • Stand close to the load, facing the direction you plan to move.
  • Balance yourself, keeping your feet an appropriate distance apart and flat on the floor.
  • Keep your arms straight and maintain a good grip on the load.
  • Tighten your stomach muscles and tuck in your chin.
  • Lift up by bending at the knees, keeping your back straight and letting the muscles in your thighs do the bulk of the lifting.
  • Move in a smooth, slow manner, avoiding sudden, jerky motions.
  • Avoid twisting your body. If you must change direction, use your feet and legs to turn in the direction you need to go.
  • Place the load down slowly and carefully.

Back injuries impact more than 1 million workers each year and twisting while lifting increases the risk of injury. This banner will remind employees to follow safe lifting practices to keep their backs in good shape.

Product info:

Sizes available:

  • 6' x 3'
  • 8' x 4'
  • 10' x 4'
  • Custom sizes also available

Additional options:

  • With or without Wind Slits

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