Starving for Digital Content?

So your organization has decided to “Go Digital” with your employee communications program, but you don’t have the time to create loads of content each week to keep your employees engaged. The Clement Digital Image Library is your answer.

Fresh Content to Avoid the "Wallpaper Effect"

Entering the digital age is exciting, but you need to have fresh content on your flat panel displays on a regular basis – or your messages become wallpaper. Our Digital Image Library will provide you with a selection of content that will keep your employees engaged day in and day out – and make your life easier by ending your search for quality images and messages.

Each month, you will be able to select from a library of available images like these to use in your program: (When you subscribe, you will receive access to a Web page where you can download images instantly.)

Awareness Messages

Promote important issues within your organization covering topics such as General Safety, Quality, Teamwork, Employee Motivation, Industry-Specific Safety, Productivity and more.

Human-Interest and Fun Facts

A compilation of little known facts and human interest stories to draw employees to your display and generate topics for conversation.

Safety Quizzes

Test your employees on their general safety knowledge and keep them engaged with this interactive option for your digital display.



Did You Know?Factoids

A series of safety facts and statistics for your employees to learn and remember when working each day.

Safety Tips

Don't let your employees start their day without reading some of our helpful safety tips and reminders.

Leadership Quotes

Our collection of Leadership Quotes are available to help motivate and inspire employees to be more productive and invested in their everyday work.


Choose from pre-designed background templates that can be used to create custom messages relating to employee birthdays, company news and internal safety statistics.

In your library, you will have access to download high-impact digital images to improve the quality of your digital employee communication program.

Use these images to:

  • Add visuals to your PowerPoint presentations
  • Send messages thorugh e-mail communication with employees
  • Upload to your current Digital Messaging System or Video Distribution Network