The safety and OSHA regulations experts at Clement Communications have completed in-depth research and analysis to look at the top OSHA safety issues and offer direction for safety compliance in the workplace. The following white papers are free for download:

The Power of Visuals to Enhance Safety Training

Head of OSHA Talks Progress, Challenges and Goals for the Future

Secure buy-in at the Top

The Power of Visuals
to Enhance Employee Safety Training

Short attention spans, distracted employees and language barriers are just a few of the ...Read More

Head of OSHA Talks Progress,
Challenges and Goals for the Future

For close to eight years, Dr. David Michaels was the most influential figure in the world of workplace ...Read More

Secure Buy-In at the Top:
How to Sell Safety to Financial Decision-Makers

When businesses are forced to do more with less and every expenditure is scrutinized ...Read More

10 Things Every Safety

Ten Things Every Safety Professional 
Should Know About OSHA

Companies that fail to prepare for an OSHA investigation do so at their own peril. This white paper highlights 10 items that can keep employers......Read More

The Personal Side of Safety A Novel Approach to Lowering Accident Rates

When workers take safety personally, they are more likely to follow safe procedures and avoid risky behavior — thus, reducing workplace accidents. The ...Read More

The Distracted Employee:
An Emerging Workplace Safety Issue

After years of research, the National Safety Council (NSC) has concluded that the human brain cannot multitask; instead, the brain has the ability to switch   ...Read More;

1962 M WebBanner NFPA

Infectious Diseases in the workplace

100 Years of Employee Safety:
A Look Ahead with the 
President of the National Safety Council

Founded in 1913, the National Safety Council (NSC) is the country’s leading advocate for safety. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the Council  ...Read More

Jim Pauley Embraces New Role As President of NFPA

In this white paper, Jim Pauley, the president of the National Fire Protection Association, answers some questions regarding fire safety in the workplace, as well as discusses ...Read More

Infectious Diseases in the Workplace

Controlling occupational exposure to infectious diseases presents a unique challenge for today’s employers. Through education, training and the implementation of ...Read More