Employee Training and Accident Prevention

One of the first questions an OSHA accident investigator will ask is, “Was the injured employee properly trained to do the job?” Not only do you want to be able to answer “yes,” but you want to be able to provide documentation that the employee actually received training. Therefore, whenever safety training occurs in your facility, be sure to document the following:

  • Date of the training
  • Name of the person who conducted the training
  • Names/signatures of employees in attendance
  • Training topic

Such documentation will allow you to keep track of training that has been performed and can also serve as effective evidence of your compliance with OSHA standards.

Per OSHA: “You must instruct every employee on how to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions, and address the regulations applicable to their work environment to control or eliminate any hazards or exposure to illness or injury.” The agency also specifies that training for workers be provided in a language and vocabulary they can understand. Additionally, employees must know the proper procedures for reporting injuries, illnesses and safety and health concerns.

Commit to Well-Trained Employees

Training employees on how to perform their jobs properly and safely is time and money well spent. So think of training as an investment not only in your employees, but in the future of your organization.