Plan Ahead to Prevent Falls

Falls are among the leading cause of death on the job. According 
to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each year, hundreds of workers die from injuries caused by falls from ladders, scaffolds, buildings or other elevations. Here are some ways to prevent falls in your workplace: 

  • Incorporate safety in work planning.
  • Identify all fall hazards at a work site
  • Conduct regular safety inspections.
  • Train employees to recognize and avoid unsafe conditions. 
  • Provide employees with appropriate protective equipment and train them in its use. 

Choosing the Correct Protection 

 A fall protection system refers to equipment designed to control fall hazards. Although fall protection systems are most common in construction and roofing, many other industries use them as well. Fall protection systems either prevent falls from occurring or safely arrest falls. Some options include:

  • Personal fall arrest systems 
  • Safety net systems
  • Guardrail systems
  • Warning line systems 
  • Controlled access zones 

Consider the type of work that employees are performing as well as the height at which they’re working when choosing protection.