Mask Lasso Lanyards

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Mask Lasso Lanyards (Supplied in Packs of 100)

Mask Lasso Lanyards

Keep masks handy and off surfaces at all times. Convenient lanyards attach to your face mask to keep them clean and germ-free.

  • Lanyards conveniently attach to your face mask to keep them clean and germ-free
  • Simply attach the bulldog clips at each end of the lanyard to your mask and slip the lanyard over your head
  • When mask breaks are needed the lanyard will keep your face mask securely around your neck and off of contaminated surfaces when not in use
  • Keep your mask easily accessible at all times
  • 36" L lanyards are made of durable polyester, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • Can be used with disposable and reusable face masks

Product info:

  • Price: $61.00 (Supplied in Packs of 100)
  • Product code: MASLASLAN
  • Colors Available:
    Black (23356D)
    Green (23359D)
    Navy Blue (23358D)
    Red (23360D)
    Royal Blue (23357D)
    White (233616D)
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