Safety Focus Packs: First Aid

Our "pick" and "choose" option that allows you to select the specific posters and meeting guides you want
based on the safety issues affecting your workplace.

Various safety topics are available so that individuals can customize their safety programs. Substitutions
are permitted.

Safety Pack 1: General First Aid

  General HazCom 5
Y4696271 Y4696272 Y4696273 Y4696274 Y4696276

Safety Pack 2: Bloodborne Pathogens

Y4695474 Y4695475 Y4695476 Y4695477 Y4695478

Safety Pack 3: CPR

Y4695480 Y4695481 Y4695483 Y4695484 Y4695485

Safety Pack 4: Cuts, Bumps & Bruises

Y4696265 Y4696266 Y4696267 Y4696268 Y4696269

Safety Pack 5: Sprains & Strains

Y4696362 Y4696363 Y4696364 Y4696365 Y4696366