Safe Food Report™ Program

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Create awareness about important food safety and quality issues and educate employees on appropriate behavior and procedures with the Safe Food Report™ Program

Promote Food Safety Awareness In 3 Easy Ways

Introducing the Safe Food Report™ Program from Clement Communications

The Safe Food Report Program is designed to help you create awareness about important food safety and quality issues and information while educating employees on appropriate behavior and procedures. The program contains 3 different components which allows for 3 times the awareness of proper food safety measures and the latest industry information on a monthly basis:

  • Safe Food Report™ posters – Weekly dated posters that feature short instructional and informative news stories, rules and procedures with better ways that food industry employees can work toward better safety and quality in their work while meeting HACCP and GMP initiatives.

  • Safe Food Shorts™ – Monthly informational bulletins that complement the Safe Food Report posters, highlighting safety and quality procedures with interesting facts and news about the food industry. The bulletin can be copied by managers and handed out to employees. 
  • Safe Food Table-Top™ tent cards – We send 10 copies of a monthly Table-Top tent card designed to complement the Safe Food Shorts. Place them on tables in cafeterias and break rooms to remind employees about the importance of food safety.

Here is a sample of some topics covered each week:

  • Allergens
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Time & Temperature Control
  • Sanitation
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Food Contact Surfaces
  • and much more!


For more information, please call a Clement Sales Representative at 1-800-CLEMENT (1-800-253-6368).

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