Clement Newsletter Corporate Site License
A corporate site license from Clement Communications, Inc. is the perfect solution for those companies that want to give their supervisors and managers valuable tools that will keep them on top of the very latest in workplace trends and practices, regulations and rulings, real-life case studies, and give them practical hands-on information to help them become more effective in their work environment.

Why choose the Clement Newsletter Corporate Site License Program for your company?
  1. A site license to one our publications will get all your supervisors on the same page and develop a shared knowledge base.
  2. Our editors and writers research and sort through the overwhelming amount of information from many different areas such as the industry leaders and specialists, government information, regulation listings and training manuals. As a result, they can give your staff only the most important and most relevant information.
  3. Clement Communications brings over 80 years of experience in providing employers with the means to communicate important corporate message and training to employees to each site license.
What is a Site License?
A Clement Newsletter Corporate Site License is an agreement between Clement Communications, Inc. and your company that gives your supervisors and managers access to newsletters dealing with issues that they have to deal with in the workplace. We have products that deal with human resource issues, safety regulations and practices, management training, sales and customer service. Clement sends an e-mail to your designated contact with your newsletter attached as a PDF or HTML document. That person then distributes to your internal distribution list based on the number of users designated in the contract or places them on your company intranet. Each user may print out one copy and/or save it to their hard drive for later reference.
How will a Site License benefit my employees?
Here are 10 immediate benefits to establishing a Clement Newsletter Site License. I'm sure that more will come to mind as you consider the diverse needs of your employees. Here are 10 immediate benefits to establishinh a Clement Newsletter Site License:
  1. Everyone is on the same page - All of your supervisors and managers will get the same information at the same time. You will provide your people with the same knowledge that is consistent, clear and actionable.
  2. You develop a learning organization - One supervisor with a subscription to one of our safety newsletters could be in a position to save your organization costly OSHA violations and fines, or avoid an accident. One sales rep or customer service manager with a subscription to one of our sales or customer service newsletters could sell or save your company thousands of dollars by knowing how to treat a customer right. With a site license, multiply that possibility by all of your managers, supervisors, sales or customer service managers and then you will have an entire organization that is prepared to face whatever challenges they may face.
  3. It’s cost effective - You will provide all of your supervisors and managers with the information they need regarding best practices at a rate far below the cost of an individual subscription.
  4. You get quick, immediate access - Instead of waiting for the newsletter to get to you through the mail, all of your managers and supervisors can access it immediately after publication through the customers electronic delivery method or posting on your company intranet.
  5. It’s convenient - Each designated user can access the newsletter from their computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. Eliminate paper clutter - Each user will have each issue at their fingertips that can be printed out and reference or read online.
  7. No lost issues - By receiving the newsletters electronically, your people will not be bogged down with paper and clutter. They will be using electronic files rather than paper files or binders.
  8. Eliminate costly business seminars and conferences - Sending your employees to seminars and conferences can be costly and cuts into productive time on the job. Our newsletters keep your organization up to date on the latest trends and issues in safety, human resources, sales and customer service and management.
  9. We can customize a newsletter to fit your needs - With an electronic newsletter, we can develop a custom newsletter to include your company logo, give you space in each issue to include corporate directives or messages, or even provide you with a fully customized newsletter that has content dealing with specific issue that you want to convey to your organization.
  10. Customer assistance - In an effort to ensure subscriber satisfaction and user-friendly implementation of the process, help is available each business day to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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