Best Sellers

Distracted Driving
Curb Your Distractions Poster
Driving Safely Infographic
Driving Safely Poster
Safe Lifting, Back Safety
Active Shooter Poster
GHS, Pictograms, Labels
GHS Pictograms Poster
Available in English and Spanish
Lockout Tagout, LOTO
Lock It Up. Tag It Out Poster

Poster Subscriptions

Herman Posters, Herman, Foot Protection
Herman Posters

Safe Attitude Posters - Available in English and Spanish
Safe Attitude Posters
Available in English and Spanish

Safe Procedures Posters, Distractions, LOTO, Safe Lifting
Safe Procedures Posters

Safe Behavior Posters
Safe Behavior Poster

Occupational Safety and Health Posters - Available in English and Spanish
Occupational Safety and Health Posters
Available in English and Spanish

Banners / Signage

Share safety messages in a BIG WAY!

Safety is Something to Celebrate Banner
5S, Housekeeping, Cleaning
5S-A Place for Everything Banner
PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, Hard Hat, Safety Gear
PPE- It Only Works if You Wear It Banner
Accident-free, Accident Prevention
Maintain an Accident-Free Zone Banner
Housekeeping, Clean As You Go
Housekeeping-Walkways Banner
Hazard Reporting, Hazards
Reporting Hazards Banner
Clement's banners and signage can be customized with company logos, slogans and procedures.

Five Touch Program
Kit components can include: poster, meeting guide, pocket guide with scratch-off quiz card and tabletops

Heat Stress, Hot Conditions, Outdoors
Heat Stress Kit

Prevent Back Safety / Mechanical Aid Kit
Back Safety Basics Kit

GHS, HazCom, Chemicals, Pictograms
Chemical HazCom-Labels Kit

Forklift Safety, Pedestrians, Forklifts, PITs, MHE
Forklift  Safety-Pedestrians Kit

Ladder Safety, Ladders
Ladder Safety Kit


Digital Products / Newsletters

Safety in Seconds Newsletter
Safety in Seconds™

Safety and the Supervisor Newsletter
Safety and the Supervisor™

The Lawful Workplace Newsletter written by a HR lawyer
The Lawful Workplace™ Newsletter
Written by a HR lawyer

Smart Supervision Newsletter
Smart Supervision™ Newsletter

The Construction Foreman's Guide to OSHA Regulations Newsletter
Inside OSHA Regulations™


Clement Communications

For more than 100 years, Clement Communications has helped thousands of employers motivate employees and change behavior to create safer work environments.

Our employee safety training tools — which include safety posters, safety newsletters, safety toolbox talks, safety banners and more — are designed to reduce on-the-job injuries, achieve OSHA compliance and build strong safety cultures.

Whether it’s through our best-selling subscription programs or products that we customize specifically for your organization, our team of safety management and compliance experts is dedicated to helping our customers create employee safety training programs that reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.