Creating a focal point to display important safety information in your facility can improve the effectiveness of your safety program by ensuring employees know where to look for key information. Our Do-It-Yourself Safety Central System gives you the flexibility to design a centralized safety messaging area based on your company’s unique needs. We offer an array of frame sizes as well as acrylic mastheads to display your logo and safety slogan.

The days of taping papers to the wall no longer reflect the seriousness of the messages you must drive home to your employees. Allow us the opportunity to partner with you to create a communications system that conveys the importance your business places on employee safety.

Design Your Product: It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Frame Selection – See Below

  • Select the number and types of frames based on the messages you want to display each month
  • Select the width of each acrylic masthead that will be mounted above your frames
  • Add each one to the shopping cart

Step 2: Poster SelectionClick Here

  • Select safety, industry-specific or motivational poster subscriptions that are best suited for your facility
  • Each subscription includes new posters for every week of the month
  • Add each subscription to the shopping cart

Step 3: Tracking Poster SelectionClick Here

  • Select the tracking poster that makes the most sense for your business and industry
  • Add to the shopping cart

Add one of our Safety Scoreboards to your program to highlight your safety record and to track days without an accident.

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  1. Acrylic Masthead Signage

    Product Code: FRMHDR
    As low as $375.00
  2. 17" x 22" Silver SnapFrame with Acrylic Cover

    Product Code: Y4849589
  3. 8.5"x11" Silver Snapframe Aluminum Poster Frame

    Product Code: Y4849590
    Special Price $16.00 Regular Price $19.99
  4. Silver Locked Frames with Glass Door

    Product Code: Y954490

Total 4 Items

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