Frequently Asked Questions




General Questionsback to top

1. Do you have a catalog describing your company and products?

 No, we do not have a catalog, but by reviewing our Web site you can learn about our company's products and services. If you need additional information, call us at 1-800-253-6368.

2. What are your prices?

Pricing of our programs is available on this Web site. If you have special needs, please call us at 1-800-253-6368.

3. Can I get a list of the topics of posters or newsletters coming out this year so I can coordinate my meetings?

Because the issues that face today's workplace are constantly changing, the content of all issues of our programs is not determined a full year in advance. However, if you call our Customer Service Department, a representative will assist you with the information currently available.

4. What are your postage and handling fees?

In most parts of the United States, postage and handling fees are approximately 15% of the program price. In Canada and international countries it is approximately 20%.

5. How can we pay the invoice?

Your invoice may be paid via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, wire transfer or check.

6. Can you bill me for the programs?

Yes, you will be invoiced for our programs for one year in advance. Exceptions can be made in unusual circumstances.

7. Do you take purchase order numbers?

Yes, we accept all purchase orders, and will reference them on your invoice. We can accept purchase orders over the phone or via our customer service email, customerservice@clement.

8. What is your Federal Tax number?

Our Federal Tax ID# is 52-1234223.

9. How can I be removed from your mailing/call list?

By simply calling us at 1-800-253-6368, sending us an e-mail at, or writing us at: Clement Communications, 2491 Wehrle Drive Williamsville, NY 14221.

10. How do I get a statement for my credit card payment?

As soon as a credit card payment is applied, a statement automatically goes out to the company.

11. Do we have to cover the cost of shipping if we return your product?


12. Do you have a distributor in my country?

We prefer to work directly with our clients, so we have no distributors.

13. I received a statement without the name of the person who ordered it. How do I know if I owe anything?

Call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-253-6368 and someone will be happy to help you.

14. Does my subscription renew automatically each year?

You have the ability to select auto-renew or non-auto renew at the start of your subscription. If you wish to cancel, you may do so at any time but our terms and conditions would still apply.


Poster Questionsback to top

1. How do I know Clement posters will cover topics that are important to me?

 Clement Communications' posters are designed to help cover important topics identified through our experience and research. We take great pride in understanding and addressing topics that are relevant and meaningful to our customers. However, if for some reason a poster does not fit your needs, it can be returned for full credit.

2. Do you have posters for office safety?

Office safety topics are included as part of our Safe Attitude™ Posters program which is published weekly. You can also build your own custom poster program here:

3. Do your poster programs come in Spanish or other languages?

Not all of our programs are available in other languages. Our Safe Attitude™ Posters and Occupational Safety and Health Posters™ are available in Spanish and English.

4. Can I get quantities of previous posters?

Clement Communications' poster programs are available as an annual subscription. Posters are published weekly to ensure that all important topics are covered over the course of a year. Some current issues are available on a limited basis. Call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-253-6368 for more information.

5. Can I mix and match several poster programs?

Yes, our programs are flexible and a subscription can be made up of a combination of the many programs we offer. Call our Customer Service Department and they can assist in putting together the right program for you at 1-800-253-6368.

6. Is it required that I purchase frames with the poster program?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase frames with your program. The posters fit them perfectly and create an attractive display, making the messages more effective.

7. Can I order just the individual poster I want?

Yes! Although subscriptions are more cost-effective in that they are cheaper per poster, we do offer individual posters for sale. You will find these posters browsing our “Posters by Topic” section:  Call your Customer Service Representative for availability at 1-800-253-6368.

8. How do I know these posters will cover topics that are important to me?

The posters are designed to help cover important topics identified through our experience and research. If for some reason a poster does not fit your needs, please reach out to and they will help you resolve the matter.

9. How often should the posters be changed?

The Poster Program is a weekly subscription designed to keep the messages fresh and ongoing. After a short period of time a poster will no longer attract the attention of your people like a new one will. That's why we recommend designating someone in your company to hang new posters every Monday.

10. How do I know my employees will read the posters?

The posters are designed to be colorful and eye-catching. This ensures that the message you want to get across to your employees will be seen and read.

11. Why should I invest in another poster provider when my insurance carrier provides this for me?

Your insurance carrier is helping you by providing a poster that will deliver a safety message, but you need that type of message delivered on a continuous basis to build awareness among your people. Our posters change every week, reinforcing over and over the message you wish to get across.

12. Can I get the "set" of posters all at once instead of weekly over a year's time?

Although it is not as cost-effective an option as our subscriptions, we do offer individual posters ( as well as poster packs (poster packs).

13. How can I purchase additional frames?

Additional frames can be purchased by calling our Customer Service Department at 1-800-253-6368. You may also send us an e-mail at

14. How do I get different poster programs in the same tube?

Simply call us at 1-800-253-6368 and make a request through a Customer Service Representative.

15. Do you produce posters for specific industries?

Yes, in addition to the posters featured on this Web site, we also have poster programs for the food, construction and transportation industry ( For more information please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-253-6368.

16. How long does it take to receive a Custom Poster?

Usually it takes a week to 10 days.

17. Can I display the Posters less frequently than every week?

We recommend that a new Poster be displayed every week. However, we do offer some other options, like biweekly or even monthly program scheduling. Call our Customer Service Department for details at 1-800-253-6368.

18. If I order two or more copies of your program, will they be different copies each week?

If you order two copies of our program, you will receive two copies of the same issue each week. However, we have 20 different programs available and you may select two or more if you wish to receive different posters weekly.


Newsletter Questionsback to top

1. Can I receive your newsletters in the mail?

Our newsletter subscriptions are now fully digital, as of January 2021. We are committed to reducing waste and connecting with our customers via the most current methods of communication in order to ensure that our messaging is seen. Should you choose to print the file once you receive it via email, the file has already been formatted to print correctly. Please note that only 1 user is allowed per subscription. Call our customer service team at 800-253-6368 to inquire about multiple users or site licenses. 

2. What general subject areas are covered by your newsletters?

There are many topics covered in our newsletters. By reviewing this Web site, you will see the various newsletters and topics covered.

3. Can I make copies of your publications to pass out?

No, unfortunately, approval must be granted by our editorial staff before this can be done. A request for a site license can be sent to: