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This month's topic is lockout/tagout.

Lockout/tagout saves lives.

Take our April Safety Quiz and Survey below and you will be entered in a drawing for a $150 VISA Gift Card!

One winner from each Area will be chosen at random. It only takes a few minutes.




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Area # Area Name March 2020 - $150 VISA GIFT CARD WINNERS!
0602 Mid Atlantic Area Brent Martin
0603 Northeast Area Kyle McCloskey
0606 Mid South Area Joseph Young
0607 Florida Area David Koehn
0608 Midwest Area Oscar Arvizu
0609 Southwest Area Alejandro Sosa
0610 Northwest Area Jordan Zilinski
0611 Metro New York Area Earl Dupper
0612 Central Area John Heiderscheit
0614 South Central Area Alejandro Avellaneda Diaz
0616 Carolinas Area John Campbell
0617 North Central Area Brian A. Witt
0621 Canada East Area Chris Wayvon
0623 Canada West Area Sukhwinder Singh
0642 Mountain Area Rhiner Groendyk
0643 Great Lakes Area Ronald Jevcak
0644 Gulf States Area Thomas Andork