Emergency Preparedness Poster: Hurricane Survival Guide

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Our laminated Emergency Preparedness Poster: Hurricane Survival Guide focuses on the key information your employees need to survive a hurricane without injury.

Whirling, Swirling and Potentially Catastrophic
Hurricanes are massive storm systems with circulating air and sustained wind speeds of 74 miles per hour or higher. Surviving a hurricane requires planning. This means ensuring your employees have the supplies they need to stay safe, clear direction for when and where to shelter-in-place, and the proper procedures they should follow in the aftermath of the storm.
  • Preparedness: A hurricane watch is in effect — learn how to prepare for the storm
  • Response: Actions to take when in the direct path of a hurricane
  • Recovery: Safety tips and procedures for recovering from and cleaning up after a hurricane's destruction
Each poster includes an area for placing the name and phone number of the Emergency Contact person at your company.
Call 1-800-253-6368 for information on customization and to place an order.

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