Beat the Heat

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CC0159 Beat The Heat

Beat the Heat

Drink Plenty of Water When Working in Hot Conditions.

There are several steps that employees can
take to lower their risk of suffering from heatrelated
illnesses. For example:

  • Acclimate. If you work outdoors or inside in a hot environment, especially in the summer time, your body needs to be acclimated to the heat. Work for a short period of time and then remove yourself from the heat for a break. Go back and then work a little bit longer and then again take a break. This approach will enable your body to slowly adjust to the heat.
  • Take frequent rest breaks in an area that is cooler than the work environment. For example, seek a shady area or an airconditioned room.
  • Drink plenty of water or non-caffeinated beverages. According to OSHA, you should be drinking cool water or beverages before being thirsty and at a rate of about one pint an hour if in a hot environment.

Remind employees that staying safe in hot work environments means staying well hydrated. As we know, heat illness can be deadly and good hydration is essential for combating the effects of high temperatures. This banner will spread the message to your workforce that drinking water should be a priority.

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  • With or without Wind Slits

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