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CC0173 Forklift Collision Banner

Avoid a Collision! Banner

Pedestrians generally have the right of way over material handling equipment in the warehouse. However, it is dangerous to assume this is the case in every situation:

  • It is difficult — if not impossible — for heavy machinery, such as forklifts, to make sudden stops
  • An equipment operator might not see you, which could result in a run-in.

Therefore, workers on foot should proceed cautiously and attempt to make eye contact with any forklift operators in their vicinity.

Display this banner to remind employees to proceed with caution when entering the warehouse area..

Product info:

Sizes available:

  • 6' x 3'
  • 8' x 4'
  • 10' x 4'
  • Custom sizes also available

Additional options:

  • With or without Wind Slits

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