COVID Manufacturing Response Signage Kit

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COVID Manufacturing Response Signage Kit 

COVID Manufacturing Response Signage Kit

Keeping your facility safe during the COVID-19 outbreak requires consistent messaging to your staff.

In response to the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends businesses in all industries implement safeguards to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Our safety visuals will help to remind employees and other visitors to your site of the procedures that are necessary to keep the work environment safe. As your safety compliance partner, Clement is committed to helping you address the current global health crisis in a manner that makes the most sense for your organization. Our exclusive COVID Manufacturing Response Kit includes the following:

  1. Health First Social Distancing (7”H x 10”W plastic sign) • L13766GGHPLYPLA • Y4878833
    It’s crucial to remind employees, customers, and the public on social distancing best practices.
  2. Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 (7”H x 10”W plastic sign) • L13767GGHPLYPLA • Y4878930
    Widely share best practices on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  3. Notice: Gloves and Mask Must be Worn in This Area (24”H x 18”W magnetic sign) Y4886146
    High polarity magnet holds the sign securely to your commercial steel doors and provides important safety messaging to your employees as they enter and exit work areas.
  4. Vinyl Footprint Floor Safety Decals (Pack of 10– 12”H x 4”W each) PP009-YLW • Y4559294 (yellow)
    Self-adhesive yellow vinyl footprint floor safety decals which adhere to any smooth, dry, clean surface.
  5. How to Properly Wash Your Hands (17”W x 22”H poster) • Y4612847
    Employees can drastically reduce their exposure to germs — and avoid getting sick — by washing their hands. The key is to wash one’s hands regularly and to also follow proper handwashing procedures. Place poster in your bathrooms and/or break rooms.
  6. Can You Tell the Difference (17”W x 22”H poster) • Y4891895
    Every sniffle, cough or ache can cause you to question what your body is experiencing. All the symptoms can seem the same but knowing the difference between a cold, allergies, the flu and the coronavirus can give you peace of mind. Placing our poster chart within your facility can help your employees to know the difference between each condition and symptom and can help them to choose the best treatment.
  7. The Do’ and Don’t for Cleaning & Disinfection (17”W x 22”H poster) • Y4882901
    Mixing common household cleaning products can lead to serious injuries or death. Train all employees on the dangers of mixing chemicals. Each 17” x 22” poster is laminated and suitable for almost any work environment.


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