Distracted Driving Infographic Poster: Curb Your Distractions!

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Use our infographics to teach employees the reasons why they need to "curb" all distractions while driving!


More than 3,300 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver in 2011.

To emphasize this point, we have designed a special infographic, which is a unique tool you can use to educate all employees about the distracted driving epidemic.

What is an infographic? Exactly what it sounds like — information expressed graphically, via drawings, pictures, maps, diagrams, charts or similar elements. In short, an infographic conveys a burst of data in an easily digestible eye-catching package.

This eye-catching piece contains essential data points to help your employees avoid distracted driving accidents.


  • Measures 25.5"w x 39.5"h 
  • Laminated for durability
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