DynaComm™ Communication Program: Safety Focus Edition

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DynaComm™ Safety Focus Edition is a comprehensive, time saving communication system for promoting safety and compliance in the workplace.

Reduce accidents and improve safety in your workplace with just 5 minutes a week!

The DynaComm Safety Focus Edition is perfect for busy Safety Professionals who want to communicate safety in a serious but positive way... without constant lectures and confrontations. The program features a big, attention-getting three-panel display unit and an ongoing series of posters designed to convince your employees that working safely is a top priority. And it only takes about 5 minutes of your time each week.

DynaComm lets you customize your safety program. Custom posters can provide a tie-in to your weekly or monthly safety initiatives. Need to emphasize fire safety? No problem, DynaComm can help. Need to focus on eye safety? Once again your DynaComm program will be there to help.

DynaComm also offers visuals to fit the needs of specific industries. For example, you can get DynaComm programs developed specifically for the Highway, Fleet, Chemical, and Food Industries.

Ensure the safety of your employees and stay one step ahead of OSHA inspectors with the DynaComm Safety Focus Edition Program. Here's what you get: 

  • An impressive 5' x 2.5' Master Display Unit (MDU) that commands attention from employees. Centralized placement of the unit ensures that safety messages will be read over and over again thus constantly reinforcing safety and positive values. Built to house your monthly series of posters, this unit will be personalized with your company name or message and is designed to make poster changing fast and easy.
  • One 17" x 22" and one 34" x 22" Remote Display Frames allowing you to take your message to other locations in your company. Hang them in a lunchroom, work area or your back offices. DynaComm gives you the ability to communicate with your workforce and office management.
  • Over 25 new 17" x 22" Safety Awareness Posters every month, including posters designed to encourage employees to pay greater attention to their own safety — and think twice before acting carelessly.
  • PLUS! Access to our exclusive DynaComm Subscriber Website at www.positiveawareness.com where you can design a monthly custom poster, print out safety signs, access safety meeting guides and employee handouts, and download hundreds of safety clip art images.

And DynaComm doesn't stop there - you also receive:

  • A new Billboard Safety™ Poster every month so you can take your safety message to other locations in your company. These short, concise, beautifully designed 34" x 22" posters not only send bold, powerful messages on safety but also look terrific in the frame that you'll receive.
  • 17" x 22" Custom Posters can help you display a very specific safety message, recognize outstanding employees, or say practically anything you want. You can personalize a poster from our library, or we can design a custom poster from scratch using your photography.
  • A new package of 10 Table-Top Safety™ Posters every month designed specifically for display on lunchroom and cafeteria tables. Place these mini-reminders around your company so that your employees are never too far from an important safety message.
  • Two of our most popular and informative safety publications every month - Inside OSHA Regulations™ and Safety And The Supervisor™; both help keep you informed and up-to-date on today's most pressing safety topics and OSHA regulation changes. Both publications come with safety meeting scripts for front-line safety managers to hold ever so important safety meetings.

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