Ergonomics Focus Pack 2: Awkward Positions

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A set of 4 17" x 22" posters, as well as one meeting guide of the same subject and size.

Ergonomics: Awkward Positions Posters and Meeting Guide!

Many musculoskeletal disorders can take years to develop, it’s important to talk to your manager or supervisor if you begin to develop muscle or joint aches and pains. Treating an ergonomic injury in the early stages can often prevent it from becoming a chronic condition. Sometimes the solution is as simple as changing the way you perform a particular task.

Safety Focus Pack Includes: 

  • "Bent out of Shape" Poster (Y4695327)
  • "Awkward Positions" Poster (Y4695328)
  • "Twisting and Reaching" Poster (Y4695329)
  • "Stay Neutral" Poster (Y4695330)
  • "Ergonomics" Meeting Guide (Y4695331)

Product Information: 

  • Price: $59.99
  • Kit Product code: Y4695342
  • Poster Size: 17" x 22"
  • 4 posters in each pack; 1 meeting guide included
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