Ergonomics Focus Pack 4: Office Safety

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A set of 4 17" x 22" posters, as well as one meeting guide of the same subject and size.

Ergonomics: Office Safety Posters
and Meeting Guide!

Every work environment has safety hazards and the office setting is no exception. Issues that can affect office safety range from housekeeping-related concerns to ergonomic-related hazards. However, by putting a few safety procedures in place, you can help prevent these hazards from turning into costly accidents and injuries. 

Safety Focus Pack Includes: 

  • "Keep It Close" Poster (Y4695320)
  • "Avoid Glare" Poster (Y4695321)
  • "Prevent Carpal Tunnel" Poster (Y4695358)
  • "Watch Your Posture" Poster (Y4695402)
  • "Office Safety" Meeting Guide (Y4695403)

Product Information: 

  • Price: $59.99
  • Kit Product code: Y4695404
  • Poster Size: 17" x 22"
  • 4 posters in each pack; 1 meeting guide included
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