First Aid Focus Pack 2: Bloodborne Pathogens

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A set of 4 17" x 22" posters, as well as one meeting guide of the same subject and size.

First Aid: Bloodborne Pathogens Posters and Meeting Guide!

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms found inblood and other body fluids. They can cause disease. Some of the most hazardous bloodborne pathogens are HIV and hepatitis C (HCV). Your risk of being exposed to these viruses is very minimal, although it can happen.

Suppose a co-worker cuts his or her finger and the wound is bleeding heavily. The wound must be bandaged quickly. However, direct contact between the co-worker’s blood and open skin on your hands could transmit an infection. This is where universal precautions come in. “Universal precautions” basically means treating all blood and other body fluids as if they are infected. Before bandaging a co-worker’s wound, put on a pair of protective gloves — just in case.

Safety Focus Pack Includes: 

  • "Cuts and Lacerations" Poster (Y4695474)
  • "Hepatitis C" Poster (Y4695475)
  • "Dangerous Pathogens" Poster (Y4695476)
  • "Protect Yourself" Poster (Y4695477)
  • "Bloodborne Pathogens" Meeting Guide (Y4695478)

Product Information: 

  • Price: $59.99
  • Kit Product code: Y4695479
  • Poster Size: 17" x 22"
  • 4 posters in each pack; 1 meeting guide included
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