First Aid Focus Pack 5: Sprains & Strains

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A set of 4 17" x 22" posters, as well as one meeting guide of the same subject and size.

First Aid: Sprains & Strains Posters and Meeting Guide!

Injuries can happen anywhere, at anytime. Some of the most common types of injuries are sprains and strains. These injuries can result from a fall, a sudden twist or blow, or overuse of a muscle or muscle group. 

The typical treatment for minor to moderate sprains and strains is known as PRICE, which stands for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you suffer a sprain or strain, you should protect the injured area, rest it, ice it, use a compression wrap to apply external force and elevate it. 

Safety Focus Pack Includes: 

  • "Sprain or Strain" Poster (Y4696362)
  • "Immediate Action" Poster (Y4696363)
  • "350,000" Poster (Y4696364)
  • "PRICE" Poster (Y4696365)
  • "Sprains and Strains" Meeting Guide (Y4696366)

Product Information: 

  • Price: $59.99
  • Kit Product code: Y4696367
  • Poster Size: 17" x 22"
  • 4 posters in each pack; 1 meeting guide included
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