GHS Training Pack

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Introduce the new GHS standard in your workplace and train employees on the HazCom changes with Clement’s GHS Training Pack!

OSHA’s HazCom … Have Your Employees Been Trained?

Our GHS Training Pack will help you train employees on OSHA’s adoption of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), including the new classification criteria, labeling standards, reading and understanding the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) format, and recognizing pictograms.

Why start training your employees on GHS now?

Having employees up to speed on how to read the labels and SDSs is the best thing you can do to protect your employees’ safety and “right to know”.

Each Pack includes:

  • Three 20-minute Safety Meeting Presentations: an introduction to GHS, the new labeling sys­tem featuring pictograms, and reading and understanding the new SDSs.
  • Employee Pocket Guides covering the same topics covered in the meeting presentations but with information employees need to know and keep with them.
  • Scratch-Off Quiz Cards to test employees on the GHS information presented during the safety meetings.
  • Wallet Cards for employees to reference the new pictogram images. The reverse side provides an area to write the emergency contact info.
  • Pictogram Memory Game to create a fun, interactive way to help employees learn the mean­ing of the new pictogram images that will appear on GHS labrls.
  • Tabletop Tent Cards to reinforce GHS training outside of safety meetings and generate awareness with all employees.
  • All-In-One 25.5” x 39.5” GHS Label and Safety Data Sheet Poster to post by your SDS station for employees to visually reference the detailed information featured on the new labels and SDSs.
  • 17” x 22” GHS Basics Poster Pack to help educate yourself and your employees on the key basics of OSHA’ HazCom changes.


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