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Herman Poster Program

Competition, adverse economic conditions, computer problems: these are nothing compared to the havoc bad attitudes and poor work habits can bring to your business. Now the good news. You can radically improve your staff's attitude toward their jobs without costly company-wide training programs, quality initiatives and lectures. In fact, with Herman Posters, you can motivate your team through the power of laughter. Every week a new Herman Poster will motivate your employees to show up every day, show up on time, and turn out better work! The posters feature "Herman," the hilarious, nationally syndicated cartoon character and they're designed to tackle hard-to-talk-about issues that can drag your company's productivity down to the lowest levels.

RENEWALS: The Herman Posters 1-year subscription is available with and without an automatic renewal option.   If you have previously purchased the auto-renewal option and would like to change or cancel your subscription, please visit our cancellation page at the following link: Cancellations

Each week Herman Posters cover a relevant topic such as:

  • Avoiding Absenteeism and punctuality
  • Better Communication
  • Safety Awareness
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
    ... and many more!

Product info:

  • Product code: HPX
  • Size: 17" x 22"
  • Quantity: 52 total posters per year (weekly display)
  • Shipping frequency: Monthly
  • Renewals: Available with and without auto-renewal
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