OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Compliance Kit

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A comprehensive compliance solution to meet OSHA's revised record keeping and reporting rule.

OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Compliance Kit

Under the OSHA Recordkeeping regulation (29 CFR 1904), covered employers are required to prepare and maintain records of serious occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities. This information is important for employers, workers, and OSHA in evaluating the safety of a workplace, understanding industry hazards, and implementing worker protections to reduce and eliminate those hazards.

 Who Is Affected by the Changes?

On September 11, 2014, OSHA released updates to its recordkeeping and reporting rule. These revisions, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2015, impact all employers under federal OSHA jurisdiction. The revised rule:

  1. Updates the list of industries that are exempt from the requirement to routinely keep OSHA injury and illness records due to relatively low occupational injury and illness rates. This new list is based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and injury and illness data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The list retains the already in place exemption for any establishment with 10 or fewer employees, regardless of industry classification, from the recordkeeping requirement.
  2. Expands the list of severe work-related injuries and illnesses that all covered employers must report to OSHA. Specifically, all employers must now report:
  • Work-related fatalities (within 8 hours)
  • Work-related inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and eye losses (within 24 hours)

How We Can Help

To help our valued customers satisfy OSHA’s recordkeeping and reporting requirements — and comply with the recent changes that have gone into effect — Clement Communications has produced a comprehensive OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Compliance Kit.

Created by Clement’s Workplace Safety and Compliance Team, this kit includes information to help employers and employees make sense of the recordkeeping standard, as well as better understand how and why the requirements impact their workplace. As part of the kit, customers also have access to the specific forms they need to complete in order to comply with 29 CFR 1904.

By using these materials, employers can create effective and compliant reporting and recordkeeping procedures, or revise existing policies and procedures, to ensure compliance with the recent revisions.


Our OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Compliance Kit includes the following materials and information in digital format:

  • Recordkeeping and Reporting Compliance Guide, featuring complete coverage of OSHA’s final injury reporting rule, and information on recordkeeping under 29 CFR 1904.
  • 25 OSHA 301 Injury & Illness Incident Report Forms to document any work-related injury or illness as part of your company’s safety & health program.
  • “What Is First Aid?” Checklist that specifies what OSHA considers first aid treatment.
  • One Presentation Meeting Guide and 25 Training Handouts for managers and employees to help them understand OSHA’s final rule on injury and illness reporting and how all employees can work to create an injury-free environme
  • PowerPoint presentation for training employees and digital state and federal recordkeeping forms.
  • FREE Infographic: “OSHA’s New Reporting Requirements” — an 8.5” x 11” poster to educate employees and managers about OSHA’s reporting process

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