Proceed with Caution: Forklift Traffic Ahead

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CC0110 Forklifts

Proceed with Caution: Forklift Traffic Ahead Banner 

Forklifts help us move heavy loads and accomplish many other difficult tasks, making them extremely valuable in the workplace. However, their size and power also make them a safety risk if the proper safe procedures are not followed.

Among the hazards that forklift operators should be on the lookout for:

  • Overturns
  • Collisions with objects or other vehicles
  • Falling loads
  • Pedestrians in the path of travel
  • Uneven surfaces or surface obstructions

Employees who work near forklifts may be struck or crushed by the forklift or the load being handled. This banner will serve as an important reminder to use caution when working in areas where forklift traffic is a concern.

Product info:

Sizes available:

  • 6' x 3'
  • 8' x 4'
  • 10' x 4'
  • Custom sizes also available

Additional options:

  • With or without Wind Slits

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