Safety and Health Poster Pack

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The Safety and Health Poster Pack consists of 10 quality laminated 17" by 22" posters that help workers understand current health and safety issues.

Celebrate Safety & Health!

Many organizations use these posters as an opportunity to reviatalize their safety programs and increase employees' awareness of key safety issues.

Clement's Safety & Health Posters pack contains a total of 10 posters that focus on some of today's most pressing safety and health issues.

Each 17" x 22" poster is laminated and suitable for almost any work environment.

Topics covered include:

  • Stand Up to Falls
  • Recharge to Be in Charge
  • Prepare for Active Shooter
  • Don't Just Sit There
  • Heat Stress
  • PPE
  • SDS and Labels
  • Fire Safety
  • Back Safety
  • Weather Conditions
Product information
Price: $199.95
Product code: Y4494372
Size: 17” x 22” laminated
10 posters in each pack; 1 frame included with each poster pack
*Additional frames are available for purchase in bronze


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