Take a Stand Against Digital Distractions

Evidence is mounting that technology is not only a danger on the roadways — it is a safety issue in the workplace. Anytime you have distracted employees, the risk of accidents and injuries increases.

The most feasible solution to rein in digital distractions in the workplace is to ban their use during work hours if such use is not job related. Make it company policy and highlight it in your safety program. Furthermore, ensure compliance by specifying what behavior is and is not acceptable.

  • Put the policy in writing, and have every employee sign it.
  • Outline disciplinary actions that will result from policy violations.
  • Designate “tech-free” zones where the use of personal electronic devices is strictly forbidden. Locations to consider include warehouses, loading docks, manufacturing floors and confined spaces.

Finally, as with all on-the-job safety issues, employees must understand their roles in creating a safe work environment. Personal responsibility is key. When an employee makes a conscious decision to answer a text while operating a piece of heavy equipment, he or she is effectively saying, “I don’t care about safety.” Such toxic attitudes put everyone at risk and the well-being of the entire organization in jeopardy.