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Safe Behavior Poster

Safe Behavior Posters put the responsibility for acting safely, squarely on the shoulders of the employee. They dramatize how much your employees stand to lose - on a personal level - when they disregard safety procedures. The result: less carelessness, lower accident rates and more responsible workers!  Each weekly-displayed Safe Behavior Poster will use powerful images and provocative copy to illustrate how an accident can have a devastating effect on their families, their futures and the loved ones that depend on them. In a perfect world, workers would work safely, wear their PPE, and behave responsibly because it's the right thing to do. Now you can drive that responsible behavior with Safe Behavior Posters.

Each week Safe Behavior Posters cover a new, relevant topic such as:
• Overexertion   • Tool safety   • Hand and eye safety   • Slips, trips and falls   • Cold conditions   • Proper PPE use   • Housekeeping   • Fatigue   • Emergency Preparedness         ... and many more!

Product info:

  • Product code: SFX
  • Size: 17" x 22"
  • Quantity: 52 total posters per year (weekly display)
  • Shipping frequency: Monthly
    RENEWALS: The Safe Procedures Posters 1-year subscription is available with and without an automatic renewal option.   If you have previously purchased the auto-renewal option and would like to change or cancel your subscription, please visit our cancellation page at the following link: Cancellations


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