Tool Safety Focus Pack 3: Right Tool

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A set of 4 17" x 22" posters, as well as one meeting guide of the same subject and size.

Tool Safety: Right Tool Posters and Meeting Guide!

Hand and power tools are such a common part of work that many of us tend to brush off safety procedures, assuming that the tools are not that dangerous. But, the truth is, hand and power tools can be hazardous, making tool safety a very important issue — not something that we can afford to ignore.

One of the most basic rules of tool safety is to use the correct tool for the job. For example, you should never use a screwdriver or chisel in the place of a crowbar. Using the correct tool for the job can save time and effort.

Safety Focus Pack Includes: 

  • "Need to Fit" Poster (Y4697897)
  • "Comfortable Handles" Poster (Y4697898)
  • "Good Rule" Poster (Y4697899)
  • "Match the Task" Poster (Y4697900)
  • "Right Tool" Meeting Guide (Y4697901)

Product Information: 

  • Price: $59.99
  • Kit Product code: Y4697912
  • Poster Size: 17" x 22"
  • 4 posters in each pack; 1 meeting guide included
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