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Public Favors Stiffer Penalties for Texting Behind the Wheel
Results from a National Safety Council (NSC) public opinion poll reveal that 73 percent of respondents think there should be greater enforcement of texting laws. Only 22 percent of those surveyed said the current level of enforcement is sufficient.
"For years, there has been widespread opposition to texting behind the wheel," said NSC president and CEO Deborah Hersman. "Today, the polls show the public is behind stronger penalties because most people recognize that it will take more than awareness campaigns to stop this dangerous behavior."
Currently, no state has passed a law banning all cell phone use while driving. Forty-four states plus the District of Columbia ban texting for all drivers, and 13 states and the District of Columbia have laws banning handheld cell phone use while driving.
Poll results also indicate the type of penalties respondents would like implemented for those caught texting behind the wheel:
  • 52 percent of poll participants chose penalties including a point system that could lead to the loss of a driver’s license or increased insurance costs
  • 51 percent were in favor of different levels of penalties for first time vs. repeat offenders
  • 50 percent thought large monetary fines should be used
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