Safety Focus Packs

Clement's Safety Focus Packs help managers and supervisors address safety issues that are unique to their work environments.

Various safety topics are available so that individuals can customize their safety programs. Substitutions are permitted.






Each set contains information that is meant to:

  • Reinforce safe behaviors in the workplace
  • Challenge and motivate employees to view safety with a positive attitude
  • Educate employees on safe work practices and procedures

What It Contains

  • Each topic category features an unlimited number of packages.
  • Each package cotains 4 posters and 1 meeting guide.

Key Benefits

  • Increase employee awareness of key safety issues in the workplace, thus reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Ability to target specific safety issues as they arise.
  • Flexibility regarding the content that employers choose to focus on and the topics they wish to cover with employees.
  • Variety in the types of posters available helps to capture employees' attention and keep them engaged.
Safety Focus Packs Topics (click on the topic links in the grey column below to see all the safety focus packs available)
Chemical HazCom Labels SDSs, PPE and Storage
Driving Safety Distractions, Fatigued Driving, Speeding, School Safety and Weather Conditions
Emergency Preparedness Emergency Action Planning, Fire Safety, Fire Extinguishers, Workplace Violence, Visitor and Site Security
Ergonomics Awkward Positions, General Ergonomics, Mechanical Aids, Office Safety and Safe Lifting
First Aid Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR, Cuts, Bumps & Bruises and Sprains and Strains
Housekeeping General Housekeeping and Spills
Ladder Safety Selection, 3 Points of Contact, Ladder Setup and Inspection
Outdoor Safety Cold Stress, Heat Stress and Animal Bites: Insects, Snakes, Bees & Dog Bites
Personal Protective Equipment General
Slips, Trips & Falls General Slips and Falls
Tool Safety Hand Tools, Power Tools, Storage and Right tool for the task
Warehouse Safety Material Handling, Forklifts and Pedestrian safety
Specialty Safety Topics Confined Spaces, Fall Protection, Lockout Tagout and Machine Guards


Safety Focus Packs